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Financial Planning Process


Step three consists of identifying coordination gaps and missed opportunities in your current financial planning. Ultimately, this process shows us the likelihood that your current arrangements will help meet the desired outcome as described in your objectives.

It is in this third step that the full benefit of the Lincoln Financial Advisors financial planning process becomes apparent. Issues that you never considered and problems that you never realized existed are identified - simply because your financial picture was never so completely developed and your objectives never so clearly and completely stated. The analyze step improves the probability that your family will meet its short and long term goals.


Step four consists of the development of personalized recommendations for your family and where relevant, your business. These recommendations set forth specific strategies and tactics that will help you towards meeting your objectives. Equipped with the pros and cons of each recommendation and economic models to determine their impact, you'll be in the position to determine which recommendations are appropriate for you.

You will elect to implement many of these strategies and tactics – some now, some in the future. My goal is to empower my clients with the information they need to make informed decisions, The strategies you select will be summarized in a comprehensive written report.


Step five begins the implementation phase. At this juncture I help ensure that your strategic financial plan is put into action and that each component is professionally coordinated and fully integrated.

Armed with a written implementation checklist, you now have a game plan consisting of specific steps to begin making progress towards your goals. Of course, I will be with you every step of the way, helping to make sure that each action is completed in the proper order. When appropriate, I will also coordinate with your attorneys and accounting advisors.


Step six involves reviewing and, when necessary, correction. Often, after completing financial planning, families become sidetracked due to their busy lives, the increasingly fast paced nature of our world and things that cannot be controlled: the economy, financial markets, global events, health issues, etc.

I understand this and have solutions to help you maneuver around life's complexities and stay on course towards your goals. 

At least annually, we’ll review and update your financial plan.  This accounts for any changes in your personal situation, objectives, investments and the economy and tax law. The implementation checklist is updated as well. With this review process, you can feel comfortable and understand the adjustments necessary for your financial plan to remain on track.

Of course, my Financial Planning and Advisory clients each have access to a customized, secure personal website to allow easy and efficient reviewing of their financial affairs at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. See our Services tab to learn more.